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Write Your Way In Fall Retreat at Shawnigan Lake October , This retreat offers the opportunity to relax into your authentic voice, stretch those writing muscles, and focus on the story you want to tell. Writing in the Sanctuary. Follow Us. If you enjoyed this post…. Thank you so much for supporting my writing.

Crafting an Unforgettable College Admissions Essay

Recent Posts. Submit the summary and stand a chance to win your way to Singapore. These shall be put to use in the manner the organizers deem fit. The summary should be easy to read and be peppered with examples.

The word count is between and words. An independent external expert jury consisting of two persons will review your summary as per the following selection criteria. The 20 best written summaries selected by the jury will receive the following prizes and awards. Do you like to write? Do you want to write your way to Singapore?. Then look no further Nominations Closed. About the Contest. Who can participate? Which book to write Any English non-fiction book.

Writing Your Way to Happiness

The following is the category of books. But I sifted through the noise and found what worked and what didn't.

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And this is precisely why I'm qualified to teach you, not because I did it perfectly, but because I did it imperfectly. I figured out what truly matters, what doesn't, and where to devote your most precious resource Once I locked in my process, I went from making less than 1k a month as a part-time writer barely confident enough to call myself a copywriter at that point to making what I make today.

Writing my way out of the gutter

Talking about how much I make always makes me squirm a bit, and the online marketing world is flooded with people boasting about their income. But I know if you're going to switch career paths, you're going to want to know what's possible. I found the difference during those transformative months - this is when I shifted from living the life of a freelancer who was barely making it, to a rock solid business owner.

You can be a good writer and not make money, there are plenty of people doing this. You can also be a mediocre writer and make a killing. In my course, I go into each of these with great detail so you can become a freelance copywriter yourself.

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  6. I wanted freedom, reliability, stability, happy clients who loved my work, and something to get excited about when I woke up in the morning. I believe so many of us are limited only because there aren't enough resources to confidently pave new paths. As a result, too many are stuck in jobs we hate, with toxic work environments, long commutes, limited family time, student loans, and disappointed by the limitations in front of us:. We believe we have to stay the course because we committed so much time, energy, and money to our degree.

    But daily headlines are confirming our suspicions - the job market is oversaturated with bachelor degrees. You'll probably be surprised to discover that you'll likely make more money writing than working at your current job.

    writing with fire

    On top of this, there is a growing need for copywriters in every industry and the demand is only growing. My mission is to give you the tools you need to confidently ramp up your writing career until you can comfortably make it as a full time freelance writer. I hope to start you on a journey to a more fulfilling life with your values at the center of your day.

    I went from someone who dreaded the sound of their alarm clock to someone who jumps out of bed with excitement in the mornings! Copywriting with Sarah Turner. Student Testimonials Login. Use writing to elevate your life. Only with more degrees could you make more money. Freedom from a 9 to 5. Freedom to work from anywhere. And of course, financial freedom. You don't have to have experience.

    Alan Walker, Sabrina Carpenter & Farruko - On My Way (Lyrics)

    You don't have to currently be a writer. You just need to be able to speak and think logically.

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