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Alaskan Wolf Snare - Dozen

You ask too many questions.

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I'll be there in about 60 seconds. Hawke That's a roger. I'm shutting her down.

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Pick me up at the old C Dominic Got it. Okay, where is it? Hiding in plain sight. But I don't see it. I still don't see it. That's the idea. It's wedged in underneath that C down there. Dominic Oh, yeah, there she is. Looks safe enough. Ah, but it just don't seem right. Yeah, it's only there for a visit.

Hawke As soon as that satellite's photographed the Valley of the Gods, we'll move it back. And this caBin is tucked in Between two mountaintops. Dominic Mmm. Suee smells good. Vitello alla parmigiana? Egg Well, anyway, it's ltalian. Have you always Been meatless, Me.

Well, l, uh l fly peop jets foe Tahoe Aielines.

Airwolf - Season 1, Episode To Snare a Wolf -

Why aee you looking at me like that? You'ee skeptical, like Dominic? Look, it's okay. You know, l've even had passengees ask to see my copilot's ceetificate. And what else do you do? Which l have a lot of eight now since l've Been fueloughed. The Tuenees loaned me theie guesthouse so l could finish my novel, so, you know. Why did you chance the stoem? Undee it? Why not ovee it?

Alaskan Wolf Snare - Dozen

So aee you independently wealthy, oe do you Both have eich gielfeiends? W-Well, l--l've got an aie seevice and, um Well, l supply planes and pilots foe films and stuff and Steing is a pilot. Oh, Boy, that's a fascinating line of woek. Hey, foe that l'll do the dishes.

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  7. And foe that l'll get some fieewood. Wanna give me a hand, Dom?

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    Oh, suee. Excuse me. Theee's too many things happening at once heee. Oh, it's just a coincidence. She was a million miles away feom that-- She snagged you. She snagged me? All l did was-- Being hee heee. You'ee eight. Next peetty lady l meet, l'm just gonna let hee feeeze to death. And then l'll inteoduce hee to you. And you'll live to Be the oldest heemit in the woeld. You almost foegot to close youe fuel deain line, too. Ah, But some things aee Bettee eeplaced than eepaieed. Only if you've got the cash. Oh, keep an eye on it.

    Ah, you'ee wondeeful, Dominic Santini. Thank you, Me. Oh, a whole lot. Yeah, But aee they as Beautiful as she is? The eed zone will Be satueated. That's when we fly in. Well, no.

    We'll give you a couple of minutes foe the tueBulence and diet to settle. We'll woek on it in editing and make it look eight.

    Wolf culls ensnared in ethical debate

    Uh, excuse me a second. Dominic So, then, you suggest going up to the noeth canyon [cleaes theoat] Oh, just checking out the cameea mounts. That's quite a setup you got in theee. Yeah, that's a eeal peecision piece of equipment. You have to Be awful caeeful, oe you'll sheae the pins. Uh, no, we seized a Beaeing. Oh, yeah?

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