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Completed in 22 Years with the Help of 20,000 Workers

Taj Mahal: An Eternal Love Story

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  2. In city of Taj Mahal, American-Indian love story ends in tragedy.
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  6. In city of Taj, American-Indian love story ends in tragedy | India News, The Indian Express?

Please enter your comment! Please enter your name here. You have entered an incorrect email address! Latest Updates. Nov 25, Police said Arianne had at least five stab wounds on her face and head.

Taj Mahal: Was India's 'monument to love' built out of guilt?

According to police, soon after the wedding, the couple got suspicious about each other. In December, Arianne allegedly discovered things which she did not know about Bunty, and decided to live separately. Police said Bunty had been married once earlier, and this wife had been found dead in mysterious circumstances, a case that remains unsolved. On December 5, , Bunty went to jail for alleged involvement in the murder of a friend over the friends Spanish girlfriend.

Arianne moved to Tajganj, while Bunty began to live in Sanjay Nagar.


Arianne filed a complaint with police saying she feared Bunty would attack her, and accused him of infidelity. The police organised counseling for them, where, according to police, Arianne accused Bunty of going back on his promises to show her around the country, and of neglecting her.

Bunty accused her of smoking too much, talking to other men, and not staying at home. Buntys landlord has told police that despite all this, however, the couple continued to meet at Buntys home. Iguazu Falls, Argentina and Brazil.

The History and Love Story of the Taj Mahal - Reading Comprehension Worksheet / Text

Caroba, in an effort to run away with Naipi, fled their village with her in the canoe — but a forest god who had also fallen for Naipi saw them escaping and became furious. The forest god dissolved the land under the river. Naipi fell over the edge of the new waterfall and turned into a rock. Caroba was cursed to become a tree overlooking the rock, and now the two stand guard at the falls. Then take a taxi to the national park.

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You will be able to walk or take an in-park train to the falls. Take a taxi to the overlooks. Learn the Lore: These lakes are the result of a lesson taught to two sisters. Both fell in love with the same man, Pelister, and each wanted to wed him. When the heartbroken girls arrived at their new mountain homes, they began to cry.

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The tears formed the two lakes. She wanted the ceremony with the monument of love in the backdrop, and hoped it would seal their love forever. Five months later, on Thursday evening, autorickshaw driver Bunty allegedly stabbed his American wife Arianne to death and, half an hour later, set himself on fire in Agras Rajpur Chungi neighbourhood.

Bunty was 32, Arianne She came to Agra in July with friends, and fell in love with the man who showed them around the town in his autorickshaw.

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  • She stayed back in Agra and let her friends move on, and started living with Bunty. On October 11, a month after exchanging vows, they registered their wedding in court, police said.

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    • Following a quarrel on Thursday evening, Bunty stabbed Arianne Michael Willinger to death on Tucker Road before setting himself ablaze at his rented accommodation two kilometres away. Police received a PCR call at 7. The caller said the woman had been dumped by a man who came in an autorickshaw.

      As Agra grew, little effort was made to spare the Taj the ravages of pollution, which began to discolor the white marble. In the late s, as the monument's future began to seem deeply imperiled, the Supreme Court ordered the shifting of some industries farther away. Today, only electric-powered vehicles or bicycle rickshaws are allowed near the Taj, and under a public-private partnership between the government and the Taj Group of hotels, a major conservation effort is under way.