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Send an international text message from Canada

Toggle this value by clicking on "Yes" or "No". Place the future date and time the messages should be sent.

What are SMS and MMS and How do They Differ? - Messaging - Twilio

Status Reason: This field indicates the current send status of the Bulk SMS record and will update automatically once you choose to send the message. Subscription Lists help manage opt-ins and opt-outs, so selecting the appropriate Subscription List will ensure that only recipients who specifically opted-in to the specified subscription list will receive the text message. A field in the Marketing List area will appear with a magnifying glass. Click it to browse and add Marketing Lists.

Type recipient phone number:

Now create your message in the Message Content area. You can also use the dynamic content dropdowns to pull in any information listed there. These will pull in information from the respective entity. Although complaining may not put a complete or immediate stop to all your nuisance calls or messages, it does help regulators take more targeted action in this area.


Making a complaint is simple. You can do it online, by phone or by post, and it can take as little as 5 minutes.

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If you are unhappy about receiving such texts, or continue to receive them after informing the relevant company to stop, you should complain to the ICO. The ICO has powers to investigate any suspected breaches of the regulations, and take enforcement action against any organisation breaching the rules. We read all feedback but are not able to respond. If you have a specific query you should see other ways to contact us.

Sending a Bulk Text Message

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  4. A spam text is a text message sent to a mobile phone marketing a particular product or service. These texts can have many purposes. For example: Claims management — these mainly concern personal injury claims and claims for mis-sold payment protection insurance PPI.

    Why do organisations send these texts? Developer Documentation.

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