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When the set is equipped, emotions, illustrations, and some voice will be changed. KatsuragiKiru Trainee. Lee Soaring Phoenix. Endgame Officer.

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I like my Levia just the way she is without all this tryhard edgy- , PM Kanra Wrote: 7. The endless quest for higher stats! I-I mean, Levia's evil laughing idle animation in the video was pretty adorable. How many credits do I need to save up? Some harder bosses to justify this would be nice.

Dat Seha imo but nata i think he looks little girly with that pose. The prices on costumes are already going up. Even gloves! Person Person.

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But yeah under 1min Mephisto is a thing even for Nata now. I didn't even get to go to Area 6 yet, I was running the Christmas stages first. So I have no idea what Area 6 even is! Oh yeah, I didn't even factor in that.

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Really wish I opened that box on her instead of Seulbi. Never mind.

In that case, you won't be able to complete the set effect normally unless your rare costume is on the primary slot.. I didn't even check if it will still give the party buff effect if its on aesthetic slots only zzzz. Return to Top.

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I didn't even check if it will still give the party buff effect if its on aesthetic slots only zzzz Reply Reply. The main way you get the primary pieces is using Synchro Fiber. Accessories can only be obtained through Bitna. You're honestly better off Syncroing for them than trying to score them through Blackmarket, since, depending on the character you play, they tend to be quite expensive. Although it would get pretty expensive trying to get items from 2-star to 3-star but imo, it's worth it in the end?

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