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Caroline and her girls moved on. Matt Donovan is running for mayor. Things were looking bleak at the very beginning of the episode. Although Bonnie was able to bounce back after her magic nearly killed her at the end of the previous episode, Vicky Donovan is still ringing that pesky bell and about to bring Hellfire down to destroy all of Mystic Falls, per Katherine. Oh Katherine.

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She's trapped Elena in the high school under a spell from the late Kai. Stefan can't get Elena out and Hellfire is about to rain down. Damon, as you might expect, is not interested in leaving. Any woman would. Stefan is the better man. The thing is, Katherine needs to be back in Hell. And someone needs to make sure she goes there.

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Which is what leaves us with the Salvatore brothers arguing over who will be the one to take Katherine back to Hell. Specifically, who will be the one to end their life to save the day? While all this is happening, Alaric Matt Davis is ready to ditch town with his daughters, and that means Caroline Candice King has to go too, as much as she wants to help the Salvatores save Elena and defeat Katherine.

I love you. I will love you forever. I understand. Even after an emotional reconnection with her estranged father, Peter Joel Gretsch , Vicki still chose to ring the bell rather than go back to Hell. But rather than desert their family, Matt and Peter stay behind. Stefan promised Katherine he would kill her back in the second season premiere, and here in the series finale, he finally makes good on his promise. Elena wakes up, greeted by her best friend — in a callback to the scene where Bonnie first revealed her powers to her — and ready to return to the land of the living. After reconnecting with Damon after all this time, Elena gives Caroline the confirmation she needed that Stefan got her voicemail.

View all 25 comments. I love Sofia and Derek together! I really liked this book and I look forward to the rest of them!

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Sofia is living with the Hudson family. They were friends with her mother, Camilla, and her father. But, Sofia's mom was a little whackadoo there for a bit and got put away and then her father just dumped her on this family. I really wonder though if something is going to come up about her mother later on.

Anyhoo, so there are two other children in the home that are the actual kids of the family. There is little Abigail and Ben, Ben is Sofia's age and her best friend.

The Bloody Truth About Vampires

I think this only came about when he became the only person that could calm her panic attacks and such. Ben seems to have a lot of girlfriends, not all at once, but he's a football player so what and all the girls want him. One night when the family goes on vacation together Sofia decides she's going to tell Ben her real feelings when one of his exes comes along and ruins it. Ben says he's going to spend three nights that the ex has left with her and he misses Sofia's bday.

I'm not sure what parents just lets their son go off and spend three days with some chic, but I digress.

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When Ben tries to apologize, Sofia runs off to the beach at night to be a lone for awhile. On her way back she gets snagged by this jerk named Lucas. She wakes up on an island called the Shade that belongs to vampires. She is going to be one of the slaves to the prince when he awakens. Derek has a bond with Sofia because she shows him kindness before he is about to eat her and thus he is intrigued with this.

Anyway, they live on this island and live in these awesome tree houses! Tree houses! I love me some tree houses. Theirs is all decked out as you can imagine.. Derek is actually nice to all of the girls they brought to him only because of Sofia. So they don't have to worry about getting eaten unless some arse sneaks into Derek's home and eats them, he has guards but they can be knocked out. Some of those parts I don't understand. Anyway, Sofia seems to slowly be falling in love with Derek because of his kindness and he's just different, he doesn't push her to do things.

Now, his crap arse brother on the other hand keeps trying to get her. Just kill him someone, damn.

Okay, so there is a moment Sofia talks Derek out of killing him so he wouldn't be upset about it. My arse!

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I would have been cheering him on, but that's just me! I don't want to give much more away, but Ben ends up showing up. Like really, lets just leave him out of it for awhile. There are some politics that are involved as Derek has to find out a way to keep the vampires safe from hunters and other crap going on. I liked the way the book ended and am looking forward to the next book. View all 16 comments. Are you a fan of Twilight? Are you a fan of The Vampire Diaries?

Are you a fan of the My Blood Approves series? You're prolly gonna like this, then. Eternal 18 year old vamp falls for "regular" 17 year old human who isn't really all that regular after all. Bad guys come between them, best friend not a werewolf in this instance, sorry Jacob fans forms the third point of the love triangle It's a recipe proven for success. For a certain crowd. Okay, I admit it.

Yes, we like our fluffy young adult vampire romances! I am definitely going to check out the next one and see what happens. Oh the drama! But there actually wasn't all that much annoying drama. Nobody was insufferably irritating. Although there wasn't a whole lot of characterization and it's written in a pretty basic manner. It still worked. Not a perfect story, but I am intrigued to see what happens next.

Noticeable tropes: - ancient male falls for the virginal young heroine he just happens to look 18 - love triangle not obnoxiously done - special snowflake also not overly obnoxious Pre-review: Marking this as currently-reading for vampire month. I don't recall reading the premise before, but it actually sounds intriguing, so View all 9 comments. Sep 01, Kelly and the Book Boar rated it it was ok Shelves: read-in , im-a-lemming , teenie-bopper-books , guilty-pleasure , i-need-astep-program , liburrrrrry-book. Anyway, I figured what the hell.

She was even nice enough to attempt to lend me a copy but there was a glitch in the system somewhere because I suck at technology the universe is out to get me. Lucky for me the porny librarian is also versed in all things vampire and my turn came up at exactly the right time for mindless fluff — a holiday weekend. I was sooooooo ready to get my fang on. As stated before, I was expecting a bit of a Twilight knock-off so I never imagined I would dislike this so much.