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To those happy, prosperous people of faraway Playsaria, who are enjoying the fruits and blessings of the famed Pax Amaziana, that shattering unveiled a sudden monstrous design. Without notice, seething tentacles unraveled from a central pit causing the strangulation of so many fine comrades.

A sickening malignancy, striking at the very heart of what people cherish as decent, swept down like a wave of churning death. Desperate populations, wallowing in the ruins of their worst nightmares, witnessed horrors surged up from the abysmal depths of chaos, engulfing all. Only a sane mind would recoil in anguish, crying out for justice in the emptiness.

My first mission began two years ago, or was it longer? The rapid pace of events, so sudden distorted my perception, twisting the norms beyond space and time. What seemed a few weeks in transition became almost an eternity, the stuff cold horror is stripped from. The layering of reality became an onion, one peel of skin removed, a festering sore felt, and another beckoned.

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To finaly sink into the depths of one's dark soul, a center core where no one dares to peek. So, it is here, at the tip of desolation, a tale of wonder, of pain, of corruption, of heroic deeds, and the future of the Amazian Empire, that the tapestry of hidden revelations is cast aside. He is an expert on Roman History and dabbles in areas of archeology. His other interests are astronomy, geology and physics. Ernest Velon's favorite sport is men's gymnastics and the martial arts; he enjoys watching classic films and videos.

The vast Universe with the Amazian Imperium is a mixture of real science and historical fantasy as concieved by the author. With this stupendous backdrop The Troyuan Chronicles, plus the Man from Hardin, reveals the vast panarama of Alack's playing field.

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Ernest Velon has branched off into cartoon story telling, his Thracian Bound and Unbound series is also part of the format he created. Formats Softcover. The feet are slightly webbed, also covered with black and white hairs. Tral remembered that Quenars usually weren't too aggressive if you didn't make any sudden moves. If your URL is correct, you'll see an image preview here.

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Log me in automatically on each visit. Sign up. Latest Topics. Private Messages : Unread. Posted Hopefully we get to see what stark is cooking up. I've been thinking recently. Sav is a huge advantage, but still isn't anywhere near in comparison of what the dragons have.

I'm curious as to weather or not their is a tier 4 version of Sav. Especially with the limits that we just saw Paul push him self through. I would expect that the mental overload he just went through to give him the mental dream. It would definitely be a cool addition to see Paul's mental processing ability increase Not to mention I would have expected the trail blazers to start knocking off a couple of tier 4s by now Defs due for a psi break through. Will vortison be able to find the key to unlocking them all, without having someone find them first.

Or call this wishful thinking on my part , but if Paul hits tier 4 Sav and is able to talk to Bahamut directly , all of their immediate problems such as the transmitter being in operable , would be solved in an instance. So I will refrain from sharing my own thoughts right now in detail.

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However I do have 1 thing I think I can address quickly anyway when it comes to Sav. What I think, Is that Sav being introduced to people outside of the Archons should be eventually considered. Basically anyone who would be able to utilize it to their advantage. I know it's been mentioned briefly in the past that they were considering sharing some of the tier 1 abilities like Lachka and Pefbar for the techs to use ect, since they would make the finer detailed things a lot more efficient and easier.

I think more of that sort of thing needs to be looked in to throughout Star Force's ranks in general. Another one would be the tier 2 ability Inas, letting techs and scientist ect work longer with less stress. Anyway, I went on a bit too much as usualy xD..

I still have soooo many thoughts I want to share and talk about though. I think a few of the people on here are the same as me and have a TON of stuff they have to say about various things as well. Even giving a select few higher level techs access to Sav would undoubtedly push the Star Force backwards engineering capability along, especially considering the current predicament where Star Force is practically equal with the Trinx. Interesting ideas all around.

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I do like the mental upgrade and the sharing of higher tier psionics, but I guess Aer replied on that and said it was unlikely that more that tier one would be shared. Anyway, I was wondering if we have name yet Aer? You don't have to do it all at once, just make a list of topics to remind yourself then post them individually as you have time. I can't. The thought of individually going over each thing I want to share or talk about makes me cringe. Of course, it's not like I plan on making a literal wall of text or anything.

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But most of the stuff I usually have to say is connected somehow anyway.