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Parkinson’s Disease and Caregiving


Online and offline can both be real. In Second Life, however, her designs evolved to new levels of creativity she never could have imagined in the physical world.

The online community helped her overcome the isolation that persons with disabilities commonly experience and gave her a creative, productive outlet. Boellstorff says this type of vicarious experience is common among many he has encountered with similar disabilities. Where people with disabilities have reported positive changes in their physical world after their time in a virtual space, he is keen to investigate further.

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Are you a user of Second Life or similar virtual platforms? Let us know how it affects you and your condition.

Parkinson’s Disease and Caregiving

It inspired me to write about his topic in my blog recently and reprinted much of your piece there — along with a link back to your original piece. Researchers hope that regular lessons — which include voice exercises and dance — will improve fluidity, gait and posture in people living with the condition. The funding has been awarded by the Medical Research Council — the body responsible for co-ordinating research in the UK.

The researchers found that both exercise routines improved motor symptoms. However, this improvement was greater in individuals who did mindfulness yoga, who also experienced reduced levels of anxiety and depression — and a better quality of life.

How virtual reality is giving Parkinson’s patients a ‘disease-free’ Second Life

Mallory and Jackie Russell, RN, to bring readers medically sound advice on using fitness to help cope with the disease. There are photos of each movement as well as clear directions on when and how to use the program for optimal results. The goal of this volume is to educate people so they can get better results.

Ahlskog manages to achieve this goal without confusing or dry writing. An expert answers questions about starting add-on therapy for Parkinson's disease and why it's important. There are many Parkinson's medications available to help your loved one manage their symptoms and slow the progression of the disease.

Living with Parkinson’s: Clyde

Learn more…. If your loved one has Parkinson's disease, you'll want to get them something useful and safe.

'I am a wonder of modern medicine' - Man living with Parkinson's disease

Here is a list of gift ideas if you know someone with…. Physical and occupational therapy are two treatments for Parkinson's movement problems that can be added to your prescribed medication. These programs…. Being a Parkinson's caregiver is challenging. There is a lot to manage, and you might feel overwhelmed. This article offers tips to caregivers of….

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When you have Parkinson's disease, it can mean having to take multiple medications at different times of the day. Managing your treatment can be…. The exact cause of Parkinson's disease is unknown. Until a cure is found, a vast online network exists to help those living with Parkinson's, and…. The causes and triggers that activate Parkinson's disease are still being studied.

Since Parkinson's is closely connected to a lack of dopamine cells….