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The Kim Dynasty

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The Kim dynasty

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A soldier salutes from atop an armoured vehicle during a parade Reuters. Shape Created with Sketch. North Korea's pervasive leaders: the Kim portraits Show all In the Democratic People's Republic of North Korea, portraits of former supreme leaders Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il are required by law to be hung in the home, the classroom, the factory and all manner of other private and public places.

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Juche: What is the state ideology of North Korea? - Big Think

Join the discussion. This book seeks to give the reader a comprehensive understanding of the Iranian leadership's mindset as it has played out and continues to play out on a wide range of issues-how it worked to implement Islamist doct Du kanske gillar. Doomsday James G Zumwalt Inbunden. Spara som favorit.

Skickas inom vardagar. From a writer who has made ten trips to North Korea and seen things first hand The author takes a complex situation; one that factors greatly in US geopolitical decision and policy making and turns it into an understandable and easy read. The party exercises policy control through this process.

The party, first founded in the late s, initially had strong ties to the Soviet and Chinese ruling Communist Parties, but as Kim Il-sung consolidated his position in the aftermath of the Korean War — , the juche state philosophy came to dominate North Korean politics. Another ideological tenet, songun , or military first, was embedded as a guiding political philosophy in the s, elevating the military above other elements in society. The military is made up of an estimated 1.

From the outset, the military operated under the direction of the WPK. Under Kim Jong-il, the military, or at least individual members of the military, amassed increasing decision-making power, gaining the upper hand over the party.

President Kim Il Sung's last Instructions

Kim, like his father before him, wants to use military personnel to carry out civilian construction and critical infrastructure projects. At the same time, experts say that Kim is also redistributing valuable economic real estate, such as transferring control of facilities in some sectors, such as fisheries and manufacturing, from the military to civilian and government departments and reducing the proportion of revenue or goods that the military siphons off itself. Its economic activity centers on [PDF] mining and manufacturing, as well as agriculture, forestry, and fishing.

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Kim has instituted slight changes and relaxed rules, including the liberalization of domestic markets , which have spawned growth, says a report by Daily NK , a South Korea—based online newspaper. To do so, Kim has rolled out policy modifications, shifting away from a centrally planned economy to one that is more incentive-based and allows for greater autonomy at the county and provincial levels. Industries such as shellfish and generic pharmaceuticals remain under tight control, but there are some sectors where opening up is taking place, such as agriculture.

They are said to hold important roles in which they facilitate or execute policy, as well as control hard currency operations, resources, or information.

Footsteps of General Kim

Even before Kim Jong-un came to power, there was increasing room for these moneyed elites. This group, known as the donju —money masters or lords—started making fortunes by facilitating trade in black markets that emerged at a time when the government was unable to provide sufficient food and services, in the late s. Restrictions on these markets have eased over time, and in some circumstances market activity is even sanctioned without reprisal. For example, agricultural collectives are allowed to privately sell their surplus crops.

In recent years, there are anecdotal accounts from journalists, researchers, and visitors of the construction or opening of ski resorts, theme parks, and a new airport—signs of an economic uptick and interest in infrastructure for potential tourism.

North Korea celebrates 'Juche 101'

All this, despite stringent international economic sanctions that have crippled formal trade and normal economic ties with dynamic regional actors such as China, Russia, and South Korea. If sanctions relief materializes and North Korea seeks to diversify its business relations with the outside world, experts say that all moves to grow the economy will have to be delicately calibrated by the leadership to ensure political stability inside the regime. Experts say Kim Jong-un has deftly navigated his rise to power.