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Data: In lactating rats, semaglutide was detected in milk at levels fold lower than in maternal plasma. Geriatric Use: In the pool of placebo- and active-controlled glycemic control trials, No overall differences in safety or efficacy were detected between these patients and younger patients, but greater sensitivity of some older individuals cannot be ruled out. In subjects with renal impairment including end-stage renal disease ESRD , no clinically relevant change in semaglutide pharmacokinetics PK was observed.

In a study in subjects with different degrees of hepatic impairment, no clinically relevant change in semaglutide pharmacokinetics PK was observed. A prolonged period of observation and treatment for these symptoms may be necessary, taking into account the long halflife of OZEMPIC of approximately 1 week. More detailed information is available upon request. Helmsley Charitable Trust. Rubin Award As the world s largest meeting on diabetes, the Scientific Sessions is both a leading educational gathering and a unique opportunity to network with colleagues from all 50 states and countries.

Maureen A. Gannon, has developed an exciting and informative educational program. The five-day schedule will feature the most recent and significant advances in basic science and the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diabetes and its complications.

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The Scientific Sessions will also feature special award lectureships sponsored by the Professional Interest Groups. We encourage you to visit the Poster Hall to view cutting-edge research and have one-on-one conversations with poster presenters in a convenient and relaxed environment. Or, join one of the many moderated poster discussions where you can listen in as poster presenters share their perspectives and highlight novel or recent developments in question and answer discussions with session moderators.

Be sure to take advantage of the world s largest exposition of diabetes-related products, services, and technology by visiting the Exhibit Hall. More than companies will showcase the latest and most innovative technology and resources available. Do you have an idea for a session that you would like to see featured at next year s Scientific Sessions? The Scientific Sessions Meeting Planning Committee is soliciting high quality, innovative session proposals for the 79th Scientific Sessions.

The committee encourages submissions that are innovative, challenge current treatment paradigms, and represent the latest advances in basic, clinical, and translational science. This is your opportunity to shape the scientific program and help ensure that the most relevant spectrum of topics is presented at the meeting. Visit www. The caliber of scientific exchange, quality of the presenters, and engaged attendees are what make the Scientific Sessions unique.

Thank you for joining us this year in Orlando. Tanenbaum Benjamin Greenspoon Harlan L. Hanson Gordon T. Stulberg Joseph H. Davis Henry M. Rivera Sam A. Gallo S. Douglas Dodd William A.

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Leigh Ross V. Hickey, Jr Michael A. Greene Douglas E. Lund David H. Satalino Jane Camporeale Edward T. Hawthorne Charles F. Baer Stephen H. Smith Michael A.

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Weiss James A. Horbowicz Larry K. Ellingson, RPh Lawrence T. Smith Darlene L. Cain R.

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Stewart Perry George J. Childs, PE John W. Griffin, Jr L. Wright, JD Robin J. Richardson David A. Marrero, PhD Margaret A. Monsenthal, MD Joseph T. Beardwood, Jr. Barach, MD Russell M. Wilder, MD Edward S. Dillon, MD Charles H. Best, MD Howard F. Mulholland, MD Henry T. Ricketts, MD Frederick W. Williams, MD John A. Lukens, MD Franklin B.

Peck, Sr. Conn, MD Thomas P.


Danowski, MD L. Underdahl, MD Edwin W. Gates, MD Harvey C. Knowles, Jr. Hardin, MD James B. Hurd, MD Stefan S. Fajans, MD William H. Grishaw, MD Addison B. Scoville, Jr. Cahill, Jr.

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Whitehouse, MD Ronald A. Arky, MD Donald I. Bell, MD Oscar B. Crofford, MD Irving L. Spratt, MD Allan L. Drash, MD Karl E. Clark, Jr. Holvey, MD Edward S. Horton, MD Jay S. Skyler, MD F. Cryer, MD Mayer B.

Zimmerman, MD Robert S. Sherwin, MD Christopher D. Saudek, MD Francine R. Kaufman, MD Eugene J. Cherrington, PhD Robert A. Rizza, MD Larry C. Deeb, MD John B. Bergenstal, MD Robert R. Anderson, MD Elizabeth R. Powers, MD 6. Towle James A. Horbowicz Kenneth A. Edwin Stinson, Jr Gerard B.

LILLE LISE LET PÅ TÅ - Danseorkester Efim Schachmeister 1924

Murphy William O. Stoufer Virginia C.