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A great book on how to build your life on a strong foundation of values And an added bonusit s funny.

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Paperback pages Life Rocks! Great book lots of discussion topics for me and my teens. Today there are people the world over who have been led astray, including self-proclaimed pastors who make a living by preaching a message that appeals to the masses: an easier way to heaven!

God is our Rock, our firm foundation - Hope Reflected - Christian Living

But when the storms of life come along, such as financial hardship, being treated unfairly or being tempted to adultery it becomes evident what kind of foundation people have built upon. Matthew The time has come to stop relying on phrases that act as an insurance policy for your sinful habits.

People who do this are building with the right materials and will experience that their building will stand firm. Even Christians experience financial difficulty, temptation to all kinds of lusts, being treated unfairly, etc.

Building Your Life on Rock: Standing Firm in the Storm

But the difference is that those who do what Jesus commands have the strength to go through the trials and emerge stronger on the other side. Their life will stand firm on the rock, not only throughout the various situations of life, but also on that Day when everything will be tested by fire.

If you build your house on the rock you remain standing

Think what a terrible loss that Day will be for people who have spent a lifetime building with materials such as wood, hay and straw. Imagine their disappointment at watching their good, Christian reputation, their monetary donations and all the volunteer work they did for people, literally go up in smoke.

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Their glory in heaven will be considerably less. But we do know that the grace of God has appeared to all men. Used by permission. All rights reserved. That's the main reason to rate it with three stars: it's OK! October 11, - Published on Amazon.

Life Rocks! How Firm is Your Foundation?

October 26, - Published on Amazon. It's not very clear that the book is pocket size! I know I could've read the dimensions but who does that for a book?! My daughter enjoyed the content but it took her all of 30 minutes to read it.

Way over priced for what it is! November 17, - Published on Amazon. This book was really a good read.

I always find John Bytheway easy to read and with great imformation. I always feel better after a little time with his books. Go to Amazon.