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From the results of the diachronic analysis of the homicide victims in the province of Bologna between and , carried out using official sources and institutional documents, some characteristics of these victims are evident. The growing importance in medical practice of a standardized diagnosis in cyto- and histopathology and the recent recommendations for the adoption of standardized schemes for quality control in anatomic pathology by International Committees stimulated the medical staff of the Institute of Anatomic Pathology of the University of Bologna to adopt a pertinent method.

A Committee for the quality control was appointed and two kinds of controls were set up: an External Quality Assessment review of the difficult cases by external experts, slide seminars and an Internal Quality Assessment performed by the members of the Committee on the diagnostic and laboratory routine of the Institute. Such a survey is periodically monitored during the monthly meetings of the Committee and described in the monthly reports. The present paper illustrates the method adopted and the preliminary results obtained in order to stimulate the discussion of such a critical theme in contemporary Anatomic Pathology at a national level.


Bologna , Bologna e Rimini tra XIX e XX secolo: note di storia urbana emiliano-romagnola tra cartografia ed elaborazioni informatiche. Full Text Available In this paper, we discuss some aspects of the relationship between computer science and historical disciplines, with reference to teaching, dissemination and research on specific topics of urban history, highlighting the support provided by computing resources to study, analysis and presentation of themes of urban landscape history.

We consider two case studies: some urban changes in Bologna from to the reconstruction after World War II, and the role of the tourism in urban history of Rimini from half of 19th century to the present day. This study is part of a larger research and educational project on urban history, with various levels of thematic and technical complexity. Sugaring marble in the Monumental Cemetery in Bologna Italy : characterization of naturally and artificially weathered samples and first results of consolidation by hydroxyapatite.

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The so-called sugaring of marble is a very common degradation phenomenon, affecting both historical monuments and modern buildings, which is originated by environmental temperature fluctuations. Thermal cycles are indeed responsible for micro-cracks formation at the boundaries between calcite grains, so that marble is subjected to granular disintegration and can be reduced to a sugar-like powder of isolated calcite grains by just the pressure of a finger. Since no effective, compatible and durable treatment for sugaring marble consolidation is currently available, in this paper a novel consolidating treatment recently proposed for limestone, based on the formation of hydroxyapatite inside the stone, was investigated for weathered marble.

To test the new treatment on suitably decayed marble samples, some naturally sugaring marbles from the Monumental Cemetery in Bologna Italy , nineteenth century were firstly characterized by scanning electron microscope SEM , mercury intrusion porosimetry MIP and ultrasonic pulse velocity UPV measurement. The effects of artificial weathering were characterized using the same techniques as above, and a very good agreement was found between microstructure and mechanical features of naturally and artificially weathered samples. Then, the hydroxyapatite-based treatment was tested on the so-obtained artificially weathered samples, and the treatment effects were characterized by UPV, MIP and SEM equipped with energy dispersive spectrometry and Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy.

The hydroxyapatite-based treatment exhibited a remarkable ability of restoring marble cohesion and a good compatibility in terms of modifications in pore size distribution, which leads to regard this treatment as a very promising consolidant for weathered marble. Barilli, L. Ambiente; Salvi, S. Ambiente; Morselli, L. This article presents the results of the measurements of the water quality in acid rains, collected by a Wet and Dry Sampler in and in at two ENEA stations, Brasimone and Bologna town, belonging to the RIDEP network and characterized by different geography and different anthropogenic sources.

The monitoring has allowed determining the wet deposition fluxes in both the stations and pointing out the differences between two areas characterized by different topology. Full Text Available The paper presents an example of integrated surveying and monitoring activities for the control of an ancient structure, the Casalecchio di Reno sluice, located near Bologna , Italy. Several geomatic techniques were applied classical topography, high-precision spirit levelling, terrestrial laser scanning, digital close-range photogrammetry, and thermal imagery.

All these measurements were put together in a unique reference system and used in order to study the stability and the movements of the structure over the period of time observed. Moreover, the metrical investigations allowed the creation of a 3D model of the structure, and the comparison between two situations, before and after the serious damages suffered by the sluice during the winter season Along with the detailed investigations performed on individual portions of the structure, an analysis of the whole sluice, carried out at a regional scale, was done via the use of aerial photogrammetry, using both recently acquired images and historical photogrammetric coverage.

Full Text Available The article illustrates AlmaDL Journals, the open access e-publishing service supporting scientific peer reviewed journals edited by Departments and research groups of the University of Bologna. Digital technologies and the Internet have deeply changed the way researchers and scholars access and share information. Moreover new technologies challenge professionals involved in the publishing value chain and publication life cycle at various levels.

Initiatives such as the AlmaDL Journals seeks to provide alternative models that take full advantage of the digital environment and new media while ensuring quality requirements and the traditional functions of scientific serial publications. Tribunale di Bologna , ordinanza del 15 ottobre Art. Excepting this new specimen, Italy 's only reported pliosaurid is a humerus from the Upper Cretaceous of Zavattarello near Pavia. The tooth morphology allows it to be ascribed to Polyptychodon interruptus Owen, , a species only reported thus far from northern-central Europe England, Germany, and the Czech Republic.

This suggests the presence of marine reptile remains in the northern Apennines may have been underestimated. Activities in the lagoon itself, like fishery, aquaculture, tourism and activities in the hinterland, like:. We report the first Italian occurrence of yukonite, a rare hydrated arsenate of calcium and ferric iron, from Grotta della Monaca cave, S. Agata di Esaro, Cosenza, Italy. We have studied samples of cotype yukonite from the Daulton mine, Yukon, Canada, for comparison.

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At Grotta della Monaca Frammenti di storia internazionale. Research and awareness project in Savena district - Bologna. Full Text Available The author presents her research and awareness project about family caring initiated in the Savena District, Bologna. Outside the house, however, economic and political interests are increasing.

The anthropologist has to be fully aware of these power dynamics and, above all, has to develop an educational and mediation activity in order to create more possibilities of expression for the individuals involved in the care relationship. A short sediment core from Lago Grande di Avigliana Piedmont, Italy , the second most eutrophied lake in Italy , was analysed for pollen and diatoms to reconstruct land-use changes and to estimate baseline conditions for total phosphorus TP in the water column.

Varve counts on sediment. Giornata di studio, Bologna , 28 febbraio Fantuzzi, E. Lo scopo della giornata e' stato quello di discutere le novita' e le modifiche da apportare alle pratiche di monitoraggio dell'esposizione esterna alle radiazioni ionizzanti, a seguito dell'entrata in vigore. Chiesa was entrusted, in , by the Senate of Bologna to create a geographical map of the entire plain, with particular reference to the waterways, in order to provide an overall view and to plan considerable land reclamation.

After digital acquisition, the maps were georeferenced in a new two-stage technique, using the international UTM-WGS84 datum. The elements contained in the maps were digitized using different layers: points for settlements, polylines for the waterways and polygons for marshes. A database was created to complete the digital representation. These data were compared with the current hydrographic situation. The main interest is the understanding of the relationships between paleochannels and micromorphology, in order to prevent hydrogeological risk. The study of the A.

Chiesa maps is important to understand the evolution of toponyms, to highlight the centuriation and as a decisional support in territorial development plans. The popularization of the digitally obtained layers over a topographic regional map must be carried out using a webGIS application that is accessible and immediately understandable by the general public.

The assemblage contains 11 taxa: Marattia intermedia, Phlebopteris muensteri, P. Several fragments of lustred pottery coming from the collection of the Galleria Regionale di Palazzo Bellomo and excavated in Siracusa, were studied through non-invasive ion beam techniques in the Centre de Recherche et de Restauration des Musees de France in Paris. Up to now only aesthetic and stylistic analysis were available for these objects, and their provenances and dating were unknown or uncertain; moreover, the question concerning a possible local production was still debated.

Compositions of pottery and glazed parts were thus obtained by Particle Induced X-ray Emission analysis, while the depth distribution of element of the lustre was analyzed by the Rutherford Backscattering Spectrometry technique. The obtained results provided important information on possible origin and production period of the objects.

Big Bologna.

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Le anomalie degli spazi pubblici in grande scala. Ovunque si getta lo sguardo si notano nuove manifestazioni di una scala fuori proporzione che contribuisce alla segregazione sociale. Da quando sono arrivate le torri bianche della megastruttura di Kenzo Tange alla Fiera, la grande scala ha dato origine a spazi pubblici poco ameni per la vita urbana. Brofferio, C. Ambiente; Desiato, F. The air concentration values estimated by the three models are similar comparing the order of magnitude; only under specific meteo conditions such as wind calm conditions and near the emission sources, the three models lead to different results.

Full Text Available On 2nd August , at It was placed there by a commando of terrorists and it caused the death of 85 people and the wounding of others Many of them are still suffering from the injuries caused by that tragic event and still today they need to follow a treatment. The Bologna Process. Artiklen har form af et interview om Bologna -processen og dennes historiske og organsatoriske udvikling. Environmental radioactivity networks in Italy , ; Reti nazionali di sorveglianza della radioattivita' ambientale in Italia: This report contains the environmental radioactivity data collected in Italy from to by the National Environmental Radioactivity Networks of Italy.

The National Environmental Protection Agency ANPA is law-fully responsible for publishing the environmental and dietary contamination data, provided by the organisations participating to the National Environmental Radioactivity Networks. The complete list of the participants is reported at the end of the present document.

The National Environmental Radioactivity Networks of Italy are aimed at survey of the pattern of environmental and dietary contamination in order to assess the radiation doses which the Italian population may receive.

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The sampling networks have been designed on regional basis, to provide information on the average extent of environmental and dietary contamination. The sampling programmes are planned to obtain representative samples able to reveal the average situation both in time and space.

To guarantee that the laboratories of the organisations participating to the National Environmental Radioactivity Networks, perform measurements with a certain degree of accuracy and maintain the quality of their systems, the National Environmental Protection Agency organises yearly an intercalibration programme of the analytical methods used for measuring radioactivity in food and environmental samples. Routine tests with transfer standards are used for accurate calibration, so that the results can be traceable to a common reference point.

Obiettivo principale delle Reti Nazionali e' il rilevamento dell'andamento della radioattivita' ambientale sul territorio nazionale, al. Electromagnetic methods to characterize the Savoia di Lucania waste dump Southern Italy. The aim of this work is the joint application and integration of non-invasive geoelectrical methods for studying the landfill of Savoia di Lucania Southern Italy.

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The landfill of Savoia di Lucania has been built with a reinforced concrete material and coated with a high-density polyethylene HDPE liner. Three electrical resistivity tomographies ERT , two self-potential SP map surveys and one induced polarization IP section have been performed, both in the surrounding area and inside the waste landfill.

The geophysical investigations have well defined some buried boundaries of the landfill basin and localized the leachate accumulation zones inside the dumpsite. Comparison of our results with other engineering and geological investigations could be the key for evaluating the integrity of the HDPE liner. Finally, the joint use of the ERT, IP and SP methods seems to be a promising tool for studying and designing new monitoring systems able to perform a time-lapse analysis of waste landfill geometry and integrity.

Toxicological biomarkers in the analysis of Orbetello lagoon Italy ; Biomarkers nella valutazione della qualita' di un sistema lagunare. Fossi, M. Toxicological risk assessment in the Orbetello lagoon Grosseto, Italy was carried by two approaches: biomonitoring based on estimates of residue levels in indicator species and biomarkers studies by which their responses to chemical and environmental stress were evaluated.

Overall results indicate that the lagoon is highly polluted. Of the three study sites, the highest concentrations of HCBs, DDTs and PCBs were observed in specimens from the mouth of the river Albegna, in which butyrylcholinesterase induction usually attributed to organophosphates OPs and carbamates CBs , was considerable, as well. Specimens from S. Liberata, once known to be the most pristine site, showed clear signs of environmental degradation with high levels of Pb, Cd and organochlorine compounds, including PCBs.

Benzopyrene monooxygenase BPMO values also seem to confirm such chemical stress.