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An experiment in motion for video and GIF, made with paper confetti and photographed. This has been a something of a cathartic New Year for me. There are always things that haven't gone as you wished; often there are things out of your control. Other times, it is within your control, and you're forced to make a difficult decision.

You can build on the past, but there's no undoing what's already written. Whether you divide chapters by seasons or by catalysts, at the end of the day, there's nothing to do but move forward. Don't disregard the last year, but don't rely on it either; there's an open year ahead, blank pages yet to be marked, and it is both our privilege and our responsibility to write the next chapter. Artwork created with a brush on a canvas of books.

Video and music recorded and composited by yours truly. I was invited to participate in the TypeWorship collaborative advent calendar, and decided to use the opportunity to try out an idea I'd had. The Christmas ornaments were painted a deep blue and hung from a trellis in 3 depth layers, before being drawn on with a silver paint marker. Hanging the ornaments was time-intensive but the most difficult part was trying to keep them from spinning while photographing the composition. Thankfully I was able to time the shot to the best of my ability—when working with 10 variables, all insisting on spinning one way or another, it can be tricky!

I also made a free wallpaper for December, available here for the following devices:. More in-use images coming soon. Instead, they had close relationships with God in which they remained steadfast, regardless of the undeserved adversities and trials they were forced to endure. Both Josephs were men of great faith and open to hearing in their spirits what God intended for them and their lives to come. God proved through them that social position is of little importance to God, bringing them each from a meager standing to roles of great importance and example.

God honors integrity, obedience, and faithfulness. Our obedience to Him will bring increased guidance and blessings from Him.

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If you seek Him and listen for His direction, He will answer you with provisions of a blessed outcome for you as well. God , the Father, sent His only Son to satisfy that judgment for those who believe in Him. Jesus , the creator and eternal Son of God, who lived a sinless life, loves us so much that He died for our sins, taking the punishment that we deserve, was buried , and rose from the dead according to the Bible.

If you truly believe and trust this in your heart, receiving Jesus alone as your Savior , declaring, " Jesus is Lord ," you will be saved from judgment and spend eternity with God in heaven. What is your response? Or Philosophically? Is the Bible True? Who is God?

Is Jesus God? Among these neighbouring countries was counted the land of Chanaan where Jacob had continued to dwell with Joseph's eleven brothers. Having heard that corn was sold in Egypt , the aged patriarch sent his sons thither to purchase some, keeping back, however, Rachel's second child, Benjamin, "lest perhaps he take harm in the journey".

Admitted into Joseph's presence, his brothers failed to recognize in the Egyptian grandee before them the lad whom they had so cruelly treated twenty years before. He roughly accused them of being spies sent to discover the undefended passes of the eastern frontier of Egypt , and when they volunteered information about their family , he, desirous of ascertaining the truth concerning Benjamin, retained one of them as hostage in prison and sent the others home to bring back their youngest brother with them.

On their return to their father, or at their first lodging-place on the way, they discovered the money which Joseph had ordered to be placed in their sacks. Great was their anxiety and that of Jacob, who for a time refused to allow his sons to return to Egypt in company with Benjamin. At length he yielded under the pressure of famine, sending, at the same time, a present to conciliate the favour of the Egyptian prime minister. At the feast he caused them to be seated exactly according to their age, and he honoured Benjamin with "a greater mess", as a mark of distinction xlii-xliii.

Then they left for home, unsuspecting that at Joseph's order his divining cup had been hidden in Benjamin's sack. They were soon overtaken, charged with theft of that precious cup, which, upon search, was found in the sack where it had been hidden. In their dismay they returned in a body to Joseph's house, and offered to remain as his bondmen in Egypt , an offer which Joseph declined, declaring that he would only retain Benjamin.

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Whereupon Juda pleads most pathetically that, for the sake of his aged father, Benjamin be dismissed free, and that he be allowed to remain in his brother's place as Joseph's bondman. Then it was that Joseph disclosed himself to his brothers, calmed their fears, and sent them back with a pressing invitation to Jacob to come and settle in Egypt xliv-xlv, It was in the land of Gessen, a pastoral district about forty miles north-east of Cairo, that Joseph called his father and brothers to settle.

There they lived as prosperous shepherds of the king, while in their misery the Egyptians were gradually reduced to sell their lands to the Crown, in order to secure their subsistence from the all-powerful prime minister of Pharaoh. And so Joseph brought it to pass that the former owners of landed property — with the exception, however, of the priests — became simple tenants of the king and paid to the royal treasury, as it were, an annual rent of one-fifth of the produce of the soil xlvi, xlvii, During Jacob's last moments, Joseph promised his father that he would bury him in Chanaan , and caused him to adopt his two sons, Manasses and Ephraim xlvii, xlviii.


After his father's demise, he had his body embalmed and buried with great pomp in the Cave of Machpelah l, He also allayed the fears of his brothers who dreaded that he should now avenge their former ill-treatment of him. He died at the age of , and his body was embalmed and put in a coffin in Egypt l, Ultimately, his remains were carried into Chanaan and buried in Sichem Exodus ; Joshua Such, in substance, is the Biblical account of Joseph's career.

Joseph "Joe" St. Cyr

In its wonderful simplicity, it sketches one of the most beautiful characters presented by Old-Testament history. As a boy, Joseph has the most vivid horror for the evil done by some of his brothers; and as a youth, he resists with unflinching courage the repeated and pressing solicitations of his master's wife.

Cast into prison , he displays great power of endurance, trusting to God for his justification. When raised to the rank of viceroy of Egypt , he shows himself worthy of that exalted dignity by his skilful and energetic efforts to promote the welfare of his adopted countrymen and the extension of his master's power.

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A character so beautiful made Joseph a most worthy type of Christ , the model of all perfection, and it is comparatively easy to point out some of the traits of resemblance between Jacob's beloved son and the dearly beloved Son of God. Like Jesus , Joseph was hated and cast out by his brethren, and yet wrought out their salvation through the sufferings they had brought upon him.

Like Jesus , Joseph obtained his exaltation only after passing through the deepest and most undeserved humiliations; and, in the kingdom over which he ruled, he invited his brethren to join those whom heretofore they had looked upon as strangers, in order that they also might enjoy the blessings which he had stored up for them.

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Like the Saviour of the world, Joseph had but words of forgiveness and blessing for all who, recognizing their misery, had recourse to his supreme power. It was to Joseph of old, as to Jesus , that all had to appeal for relief, offer homages of the deepest respect, and yield ready obedience in all things. Finally, to the Patriarch Joseph, as to Jesus , it was given to inaugurate a new order of things for the greater power and glory of the monarch to whom he owed his exaltation. While thus recognizing the typical meaning of Joseph's career, one should not for a moment lose sight of the fact that one is in presence of a distinctly historical character.

Efforts have indeed been made in certain quarters to transform the history of Joseph into a story of a tribe of the same name which, at some remote period, would have attained to great power in Egypt , and which, at a much later date, popular imagination would have simply pictured as an individual.

But such a view of the Biblical account is decidedly inadmissible. To careful scholars it will always appear more difficult to think of Joseph as a tribe that rose to power in Egypt than as an individual who actually passed through the experiences which are described in Genesis. Again, they will always look upon the incidents narrated in the sacred record as too natural, and too closely related, to be entirely the product of fiction.