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If you are in danger of losing your job or government benefits because the information on your Record of Landing is not correct, you may request that your request to amend your Record of Landing application be processed urgently. In order to request urgency when filing, you must provide written proof from a government agency or your employer that unless you provide a copy of your Record of Landing with correct information, you will lose your benefits or employment.

You cannot get a replacement Record of Landing but you can apply for a Verification of Status , which shows the same information, through us or through IRCC. An application for an amendment to your Record of Landing has no bearing on your immigration status in Canada even if the request is refused. If you no longer have the passport you used when you landed in Canada, this will have a negative effect on your request to amend your Record of Landing.

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You may still apply if you have the other documentation, however every request is at the discretion of the officer reviewing the application. If you do not have any documents issued from the time before you became a permanent resident of Canada, your application will likely be refused. You may attempt to replace these documents by contacting government agencies in your home country and any other countries where you resided prior to becoming a permanent resident of Canada before submitting your application.

What is a Verification of Status Document?

Immigroup is able to help you acquire documentation from English-speaking countries. We may be able to help with acquiring documentation from other countries as well. Contact us to see if we can help! For example, if you want to fix your date of birth, but the incorrect date of birth was printed on the passport you used to enter Canada when you landed, CIC says they will not issue the amendment. In other words, CIC will only correct the document if a mistake was made by immigration when producing the document, but not if the mistake was contained within your passport.

However, whether or not the amendment is issued depends heavily on the discretion of the officer reviewing the application. Many people who did have erroneous information on their passport have had their application for an amendment approved, contrary to what IRCC officially says. How can you amend your Record of Landing even if your documents contained the mistake? Here are some tips:. The information that is on your Record of Landing is your official information in Canada. This means that if your true date of birth is November 1, but your Record of Landing says that your date of birth is November 1, , the Canadian government will recognize your date of birth as November 1, This could cause you to lose out on valuable benefits such as your pension.

You owe it to yourself to make sure that your information on file with the government is accurate. View the discussion thread. Skip to main content.

Any of these people can apply for the replacement of their status document in Canada: Current or former Permanent Residents of Canada Canadian citizens born outside Canada who eventually entered Canada to live Current or former Temporary Workers in Canada work permit holders Current or former Temporary Students in Canada study permit holders Current or former Visitors to Canada visitor visa holders You can apply to replace your IMM from within Canada, or from any other country in the world, even if you no longer live in Canada.

Print Application What documents do you need to get your Verification of Status? Applying for a Verification of Status for someone who is deceased Frequently people will apply for the IMM of a parent or other family member who has died in order to obtain a passport or citizenship from another country from that parent. Family name Given name s Date of birth Place of birth Country of birth Citizenship Sex Marital status Date or original entry Date of landing Please note: Only errors made by immigration officials will be corrected.

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See our guide to immigration fee waivers to learn more. Boundless — for people who want the expertise of an immigration lawyer, not the price tag. Check Your Eligibility Learn what we do for you. How to Renew an Expired Green Card. Understanding Marriage-Based Green Cards. Conditional Permanent Residence, Explained.

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Family Sponsorship Form I Supplemental Information Form IA. Affidavit of Support Form I Work Permit Form I Electronic Notification Form G Looks like you were working on a application just now. Applicants typically only require one service at a time. Because your friend referred you, your application with Boundless is discounted. Not sure if you qualify for U. Start by checking your eligibility. Get Green Card Checklist. Learn what we do for you.

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Who should not use Form I? Who must file the I by mail?

Immigration Mistakes You Can't Afford to Make

Your green card is expired or expiring within 6 months. Your green card was lost, stolen, mutilated damaged , or destroyed. Your green card was issued, but you never received it. Your name or other personal information has changed. You have an old — and now invalid — version of the green card.

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You received a year green card before age 14, and it will not expire before you turn How to apply online: Create a new USCIS online account or sign in if you already have one, and follow the instructions. Complete the online Form I Upload your supporting documents see below to determine which ones you need Review your answers, and sign electronically.

Pay your fees, if any, at Pay. If you fail to file the appeal on time, and can't explain your failure with any extenuating circumstances, the negative decision will become final. Your employer or an attorney for the employer can file an IB appeal, but the employee cannot. This is because only petitioners or their representatives -- that is, the people who filed the form in the first place -- may file an appeal or motion. Beneficiaries may not.

In criminal court, the U. Unfortunately, the same is not true for immigration related legal matters. If you need help appealing your case, you may be represented by an attorney at your own expense or through a volunteer lawyer organization. The U. Yes, preferably both.

How much does it cost to renew a green card?

If you have new evidence since the first time the USCIS considered your case, you should find make copies of it if it's in documentary form or attach affidavits from witnesses or experts. It's best to get a lawyer's help with this.

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You are NOT required to submit a brief, but it is advised for a successful appeal. It helps the appeals unit better understand your position that a mistake has been made. You may request oral arguments, but they're rarely granted. The arguments take place in Washington DC. Oral arguments are an added expense to the immigrant and require more time by the appeals unit.

Therefore, you will have to provide a convincing reason as to why oral arguments are necessary in your case.