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Key Findings

Tactical skills development with handgun, carbine, and precision rifle for the advanced shooter presented by guest instructors from around the country.

Steel challenge, benchrest rimfire, ladies leagues, lunch and learn and breakfast and bullets are just a few. Order History. Website by Ruby Shore Software. Facebook Google.

Our Training Classes. Louisiana Concealed Carry This course of instruction will provide the necessary classroom and range requirements to submit an application for a concealed handgun permit to the Louisiana State Police. Learn More.

Legalization of Concealed Firearms on the Rise - Prime Property and Casualty Insurance Inc.

This has allowed me to be a full-time instructor for the last 10 years. I also truly believe that anything I can do, I can teach someone else to do.

Cancellations received within 48 hours of the course date will not receive a cash refund. Instead, a one-time class rescheduling can be made.

Casualty - Series 8 Episode 4 No Place to Hide (4)

A rescheduled course must occur within 12 months from original course date. Truck-size holes had been punched through the walls. How are we supposed to feed people now? The war in Iraq and Syria has played havoc with agriculture.

Casualty Cat Part IV: Casualty Cat Exposes Exposure

Distribution networks have been disrupted and fields burned as warring bands of fighters rove across tracts of countryside. In the regions most devastated by conflict, few silos, seed banks, and greenhouses have emerged unscathed. But no food facilities, it seems, have been quite as badly caught up in the chaos as chicken farms, whose large size and bevy of expensive machinery have made them extra vulnerable to damage and looting.

Those that survived airstrikes—targeted at the vehicles ISIS fighters supposedly concealed in the large, hangar-like coops—have found themselves in no position to renew operations.

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