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Therefore, fans who have not yet made it to La Belle Province for Les Habitants need to change that sooner than later. The Penguins have a checkered past, with two serious relocation threats in their history. Those days appear to be well in the past now, as the Penguins are firmly entrenched in the Steel City, competing with the Steelers for the unofficial title of Most Popular Team in Pittsburgh. With a cast of superstars, the Penguins look to remain near the top of the NHL standings for the foreseeable future. The last few seasons are proving that this quaint atmosphere can also swell into a roaring crowd, thanks to successful records.

In addition, a better game day experience has led to a more welcoming environment. Approaching Prudential Center. Photo by Marc Viquez. The Prudential Center is a stunning facility that offers almost everything the hockey fan would want and need in the 21st century. The arena is accessible via mass transit, close to great restaurants, and offers a copious amount of services and features throughout the game. Schindler products and services efficiently move masses through exhibitions, arenas and stadiums all over the world.

As varied as the locations and configurations of these venues, so are the mobility solutions we provide. Schindler is excited to be partnered with Prudential Center - one of the top venues in the US for concerts, shows and sporting events. Schindler has been the elevator and escalator provider for Prudential Center for the past decade and looks forward to continuing this relationship into the future.

The Dallas Cowboys football team's home in Arlington,Texas is one big venue. With a seating capacity of 80, and standing room that can bring the total number of spectators to over ,, Cowboys Stadium is the largest domed stadium in the world.

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The stadium also boasts the largest column-free interior, with a pair of foot-high arches that run from one end of the dome to the other with foot-high glass doors at each end. Schindler provided 22 escalators and 18 elevators. Sixteen Schindler escalators transported spectators within the National Stadium itself. Schindler escalators were specified for their reliability and because of their ability to move huge volumes of traffic. Source: Latin America Advisor For the second year in a row, people in Latin America are less likely to say they live in countries where women are treated with respect and dignity than people in any other region, according to a recent Gallup survey.

A median of 35 percent of adults across 22 Latin American countries said women are treated with respect in their nations, about half as high as percentages in any other region, Gallup said, though the figure disguises wide differences between countries. How are women faring in Latin America, and what are the most important issues facing women in the region?

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Where has progress been made and how has that been achieved? What more needs to be done to promote gender equality? Yet even with all the problems that reduced oil prices create for his administration, President Nicolas Maduro is doubling down on his current policies. Still, some businesses that rely on modern logistics systems say planned projects aren't enough to meet their needs. Where is the greatest demand for improved infrastructure in the region, and how well do current plans address those needs? Has money already committed on infrastructure projects been spent wisely? Does the region have adequate engineering talent and other human capital for needed projects?

Can a country spend too much on infrastructure? What can investors expect from another Morales administration? What do Sunday's legislative election results suggest about Morales' governing strength and maneuverability moving ahead? Will anticipated lower prices for natural gas, an important export commodity for Bolivia, undermine the recent momentum in the economy? What economic priorities would you advise Morales to set for his next term?

October 1, Brasil, elecciones y clases medias By Peter Hakim Dialogue president emeritus Peter Hakim discusses the upcoming presidential election in Brazil and asserts the results will be decided by the country's middle class. El sur de Guatemala, el norte de Honduras y el oeste de El Salvador se han visto especialmente afectados. Some 1, past and present government officials, lawmakers, diplomats, academics, economists, journalists, policymakers, and other participants gathered in Washington, DC, on September 3 and 4 to discuss the most pressing challenges and opportunities in the Western Hemisphere.

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September 11, Mexico energy reform gives Colombia the jitters By Arron Daugherty and Lisa Viscidi Source: Business News Americas In the first of a two-part series, Inter-American Dialogue's energy, climate change and extractive industries program director Lisa Viscidi talks to BNamericas about how the Colombian government is looking to increase oil reserves and maintain competitiveness as Mexico opens its hydrocarbons market.

While the article targeted the influence of foreign governments on the research and work conducted at a few particular think tanks, the Inter-American Dialogue was mentioned in a general info-graphic. Aunque Brasil tiene un buen acceso al financiamiento internacional, la cantidad de capital necesario para sus grandes proyectos de infraestructura sigue siendo enorme.

Campos' death sent shockwaves through the country's political world and rattled financial markets just two months ahead of Brazil's October presidential election. What effects will Campos' sudden death have on the race, including any potential runoff? Tens of thousands of children, mainly from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, have been apprehended at the U. President Emeritus of the Dialogue Peter Hakim assesses the countries' creation of the new international development bank and a reserve arrangement to deal with financial crises in China Policy Review.

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How successful have Latin America and the Caribbean been in reaching the goals, and where have they fallen short? With governments now debating a series of sustainable development goals for the post agenda, what should be included? How useful are these kind of broad targets as measurements of progress in the region? But more controversially, the newly approved laws will roll back pollution standards and fast-track environmental licensing for new energy and mining projects.

By Michael Shifter Source: Foreign Policy Vladimir Putin's six-day Latin American tour this past week reveals that, in the face of tougher economic sanctions by the United States and perhaps the European Union over the Ukraine crisis, the Russian president will not be quiescent. Anticipating an intensifying showdown on Ukraine, Putin took advantage of a meeting of the BRICS countries in Brazil to pursue a diplomatic initiative and call on political support in Cuba, Nicaragua, Argentina, and Brazil. July 14, To keep kids from our borders, fix things farther south By Peter Hakim Source: Reuters As it confronts the recent influx of child migrants from Central America, the United States must not only reform its domestic immigration policy, but also reassess its drug, trade, and foreign-aid policies toward the region, writes Dialogue President Emeritus Peter Hakim.

And that applies not only to advancing the peace process but also to achieving broader social harmony.

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For the energy sector, Santos must build support from business and social movements for policies that promote investment while ensuring the greatest overall benefits for the country. Citando los altos costos de enfrentar el influjo, la diputada Rep. Candice Miller R-Mich. Citing the high costs of dealing with the influx, Rep. What is behind the spike in unaccompanied children crossing the border? What should the United States and countries of origin do about the situation?

How seriously is the issue affecting relations between the United States and its neighbors? Their encounter turned out to be yet another sign of the deterioration of US-Brazil relations following the disclosure of US spying on Brazil a year ago. Immigration Reform? How important of a role did Cantor's stance on immigration play in his defeat?

What does his loss mean for the prospects of immigration reform moving forward? Will other Republicans now be more reluctant to support a comprehensive reform measure? By Thomas Rideg, Ben Supple, Joel Korn Source: Latin America Advisor While it was originally expected that infrastructure investments and World Cup-related tourism would boost Brazil's economy, a recent Banco Santander report cast doubt on the effects that the sporting event, which begins Thursday, will have on Brazil's economy, noting that hotels and restaurants are expecting a slowdown and that additional holidays taken by Brazilians may dampen economic growth.

How is the World Cup affecting Brazil's economy, and will it have an overall negative or positive effect? Will infrastructure investments made for the Cup succeed in promoting long-term growth? While it may be too early to speculate about their long-term legacies, their leadership engenders the questions: Would this be a more compassionate, more peaceful planet if more of it were ruled by women? The announcement came as Rousseff tries to reverse slipping support ahead of the October presidential election in which she is seeking another term in office.


How much support will the announcement win for Rousseff at the polls? What else must she do in order to strengthen her candidacy? What factors between now and October will influence the election? How are Rousseff's rival presidential candidates faring ahead of the vote? Sixty percent of those surveyed disapproved of Maduro's administration, while 80 percent thought the country was going in the wrong direction.

What factors are driving those poll numbers, and will Maduro continue losing support among Venezuelans? Might he be forced out of office before his term is scheduled to expire in ? Is Chavismo coming to an end, and what would most likely replace it?

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Speaking at American University to an audience comprised mainly of students, Mujica also shared his vision of a world that is becoming more globalized and bilingual. The attached special technology edition of the Advisor offers viewpoints on these trends from six stakeholders and experts, as well as recent news in telecommunications, biotechnology and venture capital.

What factors propelled Varela to victory? What will be Varela's biggest challenges after taking office July 1? What does his election mean for businesses in Panama? Earlier this year, on February 10, Brussels adopted negotiating directives for a political dialogue and co-operation agreement with Havana. This is not a policy change from the past. Just as we want to support reform and modernization in Cuba, we have consistently raised human rights concerns which will remain at the core of this relationship.

Led by students and segments of the opposition, protests over the past two months have resulted in 41 deaths, over injured, and hundreds more imprisoned. Since most of the violence and repression has come at the hands of the government and its supporters, it is encouraging that they have agreed to a dialogue with opposition figures. I inevitably had the task of toasting him at his farewell. Sadly, I am doing that again today. I complained to him once that he was never there for my farewells.