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Think back to that moment at the women's march or the pro-science rally, when you spied a small child holding a handmade sign that read "I l. The one constant in its. The album, his first in seven years, is out on February 17 and was produced b. She really made her mark shortly thereafter with Uzi,. Tillman Joshua Tillman b.

He is also the current drummer for the Seattle-based band Fleet Foxes. He has maintained a steady. In high demand as a producer, Valgeir has spent over a decade cultivating projects by v. An arpeggio starts. Bass thunder rolls in from the sea, across beach. Cape Breton is an island made up of small fishing towns and mountains, with a rich musical tradition close. This is a slow-brewed masterpiece that is unmistakably Frog Eyes, a new album that was.

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The band fronted by Justin Rice and Christian Rudder is best kn. They have colla. So far, they have released ten regular studio albums, collaborated with various artists including Piano Magic. It strikes a predictable, functional pattern. Each time Metronomy release an album, on the other hand, there is a scorched earth change of pace a. On th.

She uses a cello and a foot-controlled laptop to record layer upon layer of cello, creating intricate, haunting and compelling music. Not surprisingly, his songs seem to emerge from habits of. To say, hey, yes, Middle America I see you, I believe your economic woes and drug problems are real, but also, don't let your p.

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Paul Duncan is currently recording and performing under the moniker Warm Ghost. It finds him taking. Prompted by their need to downsize an accumulation of musical instruments and objects in their migrati. She is a founding member of Kitchen Motors, a label and collective b. Initially the idea was to release an EP. Especially after the voluminous second album 'Da Roach' and the tour that followed, you would expect that Dope D.

Having studied classical piano for ten years, his work as Hauschka is based upon a playful e. Forging a path of righteousness with a thunderous sound a.

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ARTIST Adem Adem's debut solo album Homesongs was released in to huge critical acclaim - a homemade masterpiece of warmth and universal truth set to a bed of interesting instrumentation and subtle producti. The basis for the instrumental project came into being while Ford was still wr. Inside the laptop he discovered a hard drive filled with songs a. As usual we started talking about music. He gives me two cds, stating, "This is your favorite new band" NEWS Bondy back to Europe. Bondy tour starts today.

Bondy's new album 'Enderness' is out now. Bondy London show. Eurosonic showcase! Kurt Vile, one of rock's most captivating frontmen, guitarists, and songwriters, has announced a run of Autumn tour dates with The Violators Rob Laakso, Kyle Spence, and Jesse Trbovich , their first. Festival line up announced. There's a contest attached to win tickets for a.

Kurt Vile's new album 'best new music' on Pitchfork! We can't agree more! More new names for our Autumn Falls edition! Here we are with a new mixtape! Featuring all artists who are playing a show in September! Toutpartout gives away 3x2 tickets for a show of your choice by an artist that is featured in this mixtape. We have a 3-hour long mixtape ready for you!

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Don't forge. Go watch the experimental Deerhoof, go wild with Dope D.

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  • Gentse Feesten! Today we're very happy to share the second batch of names with you! We're very excited and proud to share the first names for Autumn Falls with you! More info on their artist page. Festival We have 4 bands playing at the More Music! Tickets are available through their website!

    Prepare yourself for the upcoming live shows with our new mixtape!

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    • Happy to announce we have 4 bands playing Primavera Sound Festival More festival new. More information on artist page below. Toutpartout gives away 3x1 tickets for the show of your choice in the list! Find out the band name of the second song in the mix and let us know at gaelle toutpa.

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      The sun is setting earlier and the first leaves are starting to change colour Autumn is approaching. Which means it's time to announce new names for Autumn Falls ! She's touring Europe between August and October, check her artist page for more details.

      Very happy to announce that we're welcoming a new agent! Featuring some of the artists that have been touring in March, and will be on tour in April! Cassandra Peterson , later television's Elvira, met Presley during this period in Las Vegas, where she was working as a showgirl. She recalled of their encounter, "He was so anti-drug when I met him.

      I mentioned to him that I smoked marijuana, and he was just appalled.

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      He said, 'Don't ever do that again. Several of his family members had been alcoholics, a fate he intended to avoid. Presley returned to the International early in for the first of the year's two month-long engagements, performing two shows a night. Recordings from these shows were issued on the album On Stage.

      Elvis Presley

      Presley was performing in a jumpsuit, which would become a trademark of his live act. Presley had been the target of many threats since the s, often without his knowledge. Presley went onstage with a Derringer in his right boot and a. The album, That's the Way It Is , produced to accompany the documentary and featuring both studio and live recordings, marked a stylistic shift.

      As music historian John Robertson noted, "The authority of Presley's singing helped disguise the fact that the album stepped decisively away from the American-roots inspiration of the Memphis sessions towards a more middle-of-the-road sound. Another week-long tour, of the West Coast, followed in November. On December 21, , Presley engineered a meeting with President Richard Nixon at the White House , where he expressed his patriotism and explained how he believed he could reach out to the hippies to help combat the drug culture he and the president abhorred.

      He asked Nixon for a Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs badge, to add to similar items he had begun collecting and to signify official sanction of his patriotic efforts. Nixon, who apparently found the encounter awkward, expressed a belief that Presley could send a positive message to young people and that it was therefore important that he "retain his credibility".