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Then the next day we took the trailer and headed into the Big Sur area to camp in Big Sur. We were a little nervous to drive the trailer on the 1 into Big Sur but it ended up not being that bad. You know you are getting into Big Sur when you drive over the iconic Bixby bridge.

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But man these are the types I wish I had a drone following us so we could get some epic shots of us driving the trailer! The landscape was so beautiful and felt like we were in the highlands in Scotland. Plus the color of the Pacific ocean water is unbelievable. And we loved the ocean views as we were driving! I am all about making the first stop at the Visitor Center to ask what the experts for the area recommend you do.

Especially since we were just there for a short time. I thought it would be cool to do the drive all the way down to where the road stops it was closed due to mud slides and road damage from the rain last year — but I believe it is open now and you can go to San Luis Obispo county and beyond to San Diego or Baja :.

Instead he recommended a few hikes and beaches to visit. So off we went to explore the beauty of Big Sur. We stayed at the campground here and it was a beautiful park.

14 Magnificent Things To Do In Big Sur California

There are trails you can go on in the State Park by either walking up to the entrance or parking in the trailhead parking lots and then heading out to explore. The trails were good we did the Buzzard Roost one — explained below but the river was the best! For more hiking at Pfeiffer Big Sur check out this post. We parked at lot 2 and walked down to the river and found a great place to set up the hammock and to hang out by the river so the kids could boogie board down it! I think tubes would have been way better :.

But we had the boogie boards so they made it work! It was a great place to hang out and the water was cold but when you were in the sun it was so refreshing. The trail up was cool through the trees but again not really worth having the kids do a 4 mile hike for what it was. Oh how I wished I could go down there to stand under the waterfall! It was a short hike from the parking lot, through a tunnel and to the overlook of the beach.

Be aware there are usually a lot of people here and the viewing area is pretty small so be patient. There looked like there were some other really neat trails but they were all closed due to erosion. Be sure to check out to see if they are open when you go. Our next stop was Andrew Molera State Park where we had read about a couple of trails we could do.

It was actually really confusing when we got there since the trailhead is behind the parking lot by what looks like someones house. But that was the trail.

It was the Creamery Meadow Trail. We headed down it and came to a creek we had to cross where you either had to take your shoes off or they were going to get wet. It was almost up to my shorts as we hiked across it!

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I read online that they do put in a seasonal foot bridge — I guess we were there before they did that. Then it was a nice smooth walk on a sandy trail back to the beach. At one point we could have gone left and did the cliff hike where we hiked along the edge looking down at the water but instead opted for the trail that took us to the beach. In true Big Sur style the beach was rugged and windy but oh so beautiful.

We had a blast playing on the beach and climbing on the rocks. We had to drive back and forth a few times before we really figured out where the entrance was to the beach. Talk to the folks at the visitor center to get details on how busy the beach is that day. They also offer a shuttle bus from the visitor center but it was pretty expensive per person. You can learn more about how to get there on our Pfeiffer Beach post. It is the ONLY signage for the beach road entrance. We were coming in right around sunset so the place had really cleared out so we were good to go.

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It was about a 2 mile drive down to the beach on some pretty crazy dirt roads through a residential area. It was worth it. The beach was so beautiful and the kids loved running away from the waves and then building a bridge out of a log. Plus the sunset was amazing. I would have loved to have more time to just hang out at this beach and enjoy the views and the sound of the waves crashing.

We thought we would grab a nice quick breakfast at the bakery the next day. So we ended up stopping at the convenient store so they could grab something else too. Henry Miller Library. Carmel By The Sea. Monterey Bay Aquarium. Want a book to read about Big Sur? It was a small site and we just barely fit with our 21 foot trailer.

If you have a larger rig you may want to look into some of the private campgrounds in the area. Coastal fog cools the summer mornings, but it usually lifts by early afternoon. The best weather is often during the spring and fall. It is wise to include both warm and cold weather clothing when packing for Big Sur.

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A damp, foggy morning can be followed by a warm afternoon. In the interior valleys of the Wilderness Area, the temperatures are more extreme; the fog bank seldom crosses the coast ridge, so the days are likely to be hot and the nights chilly.

The scenic qualities and the natural grandeur of the coast which result from the imposing geography, the rich vegetative compositions, and the dramatic meetings of land and sea are the area's greatest single attraction to the public. Big Sur has attained a worldwide reputation for its spectacular beauty. Hiking, backpacking and scenic driving are major recreational activities.

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    Contact Us. The view from the environmental camps at Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park , photo by Stan Russell Although there were two Mexican land grants awarded in the 's, which included most of the area north of the Big Sur Valley, neither grantee settled on the land. Drive carefully. Highway One is one of the best maintained roads in the world, but its sharp curves and steep hills still preclude high speed driving. This breathtaking stretch of coastline has something to offer any visitor. So relax and enjoy the awesome beauty of the timeless Big Sur Coast.

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