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The Bible and Children's Responsibility to the Parents

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You Are What You Think - Proverbs 23:7

This responsibility deals with the child's attitude and respect toward parents. Webster's New World Dictionary says of the word honor, it is "High regard of great respect given". The home for centuries has provided an environment for one to learn all of the ABC's of Christian living. It is in the home that seeds of character can be sown and given an opportunity to flourish. The great principles of God are to be taught, practiced and cultivated in the home. The child who has learned to honor parents can then effectively show high regard toward his fellow man.

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He later can easily show respect for a companion and his own children. It is important that we pause to say that parents have the responsibility to provide the proper atmosphere in the home so that the child can develop an appreciation for law and order given by parents.

Such an environment will cause children to rise up and call their parents "blessed". The example of parents set in honoring and loving one another is far-reaching in the heart and life-pattern of the child.

When a child cannot see parents love, respect and honor one another, it is extremely difficult for him to rise above this obstacle and honor those that do not honor themselves. Remember, in order to manifest honor towards others, you must respect yourself. Christ provides us with an example in all things.

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Having returned from the visit to the city of Jerusalem at the age of 12, the Bible says that Christ, "was subject unto them: but his mother kept all these sayings in her heart. And Jesus increased in wisdom and in stature and in favor with God and man" Luke 2, verses 51, Christ was obedient to his parents. His affection and respect for his mother was manifested from the cross.

He was concerned about her care and well-being. He gave this responsibility to the beloved Apostle John John You shall always be children in the eyes of your parents and in the eyes of the Lord. Your response to the commandment, "Obey your parents" and "Honor thy father and thy mother", will be a pretty good yardstick measuring how well you will obey your Lord and give Him honor through faithful worship.