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If you gave a reason for requiring our email address, I would feel a lot better about it. If you think that 1 all I will do is sell things to you using 2 spammy appeals, then you really need to ask yourself whether you trust me to provide you useful material. If not, why bother signing up? I go back and forth on this stuff. Among your readers, I am NOT alone in feeling like you send too many pitchy emails. Many people have complained about it.

I understand the request from NEW visitors but not the perpetual barrier to content. Where is the BJ Fogg podcast for those who are already subscribers? Personally, when I get up in the morning the best thing for me to do is eat a good hearty breakfast and go work out. Whether thats going to the gym or going for a run around my neighborhood.


I find that it makes my day a lot more productive. I try to focus on killing two birds with one stone to be more productive as well. For instance, when I go for a run, I run to a neighborhood that I am interested in buying real estate. And, it just makes it more enjoyable for me since I enjoy and my passion is for real estate.

It also effectively combats procrastination. Eventually — after about 4 weeks of continued observations of these thoughts and subsequent rewards — I noticed that I now want to workout. The one point that I will never forget from this is the idea that you can convince people to do a few small things much easier than one big task something along those lines.

No girl will ever go home with a stranger. Most will however agree to leave to grab a snack. The rest is up to you. These breaks can turn into afternoon-long sessions if I spot something that interests me. I use StayFocusd to lock me out of the time-sucking platforms after 10 minutes on any one day. This is my first comment on this blog.

SPIKES—A Six-Step Protocol for Delivering Bad News: Application to the Patient with Cancer

I appreciated the BJ Fogg interview. The baby steps interview articulated a principle I practiced many years ago. I started out telling myself I would just run a bit and stop when I no longer enjoyed it, even if I only made it two blocks. As I accomplished those goals, I would start adding time in very small increments. About three years later I ran a full marathon. I had forgotten about this principle.

I have also enjoyed some of your other material.

I have identified some mental barriers relating to income and responsibility and failure. Additionally, being aware of certain mental barriers is enlightening. I also appreciated the insight that context can change attitude — I recently have seen very personal examples of how this principle plays out. Articulation of these ideas can definitely lead to productive action. Unconventional, BJ, dream job and national recognition should never be used in the same sentence….. Ramit — thanks for including my comment! I had forgotten about it but elements of that interview do often pop back into my head!

Nice psycho talk. I have a Phd in accounting with a concentration in behavioral psych.

We all have anchoring heuristics that dictate behavior. Changing them is not simply using some code word like should have or would have. It takes significant behavioral change in our decision making processes not just a slick blog filled with Tony Robbins football coach Rah Rah talk. Please get serious and stop wasting the most important resource everyone has … TIME. Stanford has one of the best industrial psych departments in the world. Once I eliminated sugar, grain, and transfats from my diet, not only did I lose lbs and improve my health, but I got a boost in my physical energy and my ability to focus my mind.

Same here. Sometimes, I wonder if technology is to blame for this generation of slacktivists that we are all in. I guess, one can always think that there will be no tomorrow so they have to do their best — today. Love your insights, anyway. I do not have fear of success nor failure. I am a perfectionist but a minimalist so it is even. I know my work is of high quality, though my clients believe my work is of a genius. The hurdle of beginning to begin is what eliminating resistance by creating an automatic workflow is all about. Kind of a HooRa! Enjoy and let me know if you stop by.

Hi Ramit. Your views have certainly challenged my thoughts on personal finance. Money, health, how many emails you sent today, whatever. I just wrote a blog post on laziness, because it really does hold people back. The problem is that this world is hardly inviting us to a wonderful life. We are all a coincidental mistake with no real purpose other than making the world worse day by day and moaning about it apparently. I go to work at 7 and finish at 1 in the after noon. The worst thing is TV bores me so much.

Causes and Risk Factors of Cerebral Palsy | CDC

Any advice? Anyway, failure is almost never final. You can always improve the product later, if it turns out to be more or less successful. This fear has draw laziness upon me. I can no longer think strait or clearly anymore. I have a minimum amount of cash, and I am sick of it. I just want to be wealthy, and happy with myself. Please if anyone could leave me feedback, or an email of help I would appreciate it very much. With the consideration on the amount of time you give for the task to be accomplished.

A solution […]. Was going to subscribe till I read your snarky reply to the reader who asked you to state why you ask for emails. Instead of answering the question, you try to push the issue back on them. Way to be professional as I assume you like to think of yourself as. I love to blog about inspirational and motivational pieces, but yours will definitely be a negative. Seemed like you and this page was going somewhere, but if you get that worked up over a legitimate question, obviously you have a lot to work on personally.

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And I will not be taking advice from someone who has a hard time with the little things. I then made a simple reward system: by earning X amount of points, I could by myself a new pair of Chuck Taylors. And it was enough to work for me. I knocked a bunch of looming items off my list over a number of weeks, and earned myself three new pairs of Chucks. I need to create a long-term version of this to tackle tasks like losing weight, finishing school, and getting out of debt. But I believe I can scale this up. This is awesome! I am 17 years old and moving out to college on my own next year.

Thank you, Ramit, I will definitely use this and your other tools to help guide me.

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I get the Tony pitch… I love it! I love the Ramit pitches… I love it. Because I do read them. We all have advantages and disadvantages. Someone has many advantages, someone less. Actually this lack is in each of us. Sooner or later each of us in life comes a time when he wants to give up and just do nothing. It is a moment of weakness and laziness. But this does not mean that this person is weak, eventually we are just people!

Any workaholic, can give up and just do nothing. Well as any laziest person can change his life and begin to walk to his goal! The most important thing that we must remember: no matter how difficult it is now, no matter how many reasons you have to give up, important always remember one reason to go on.